Sunday, 7 September 2008

Walk from Galilee to Jerusalem,2009

The Charity (ACN)I channel money thru sent a donation to Mar Elias Schools last year.
ME tries to foster greater understanding between the 3 Abrahamic Faiths.Places in ME Educational Institute in Galilee are open to students of all backgrounds.

The founder Elias Chacour was the local Priest,he is now an Archbishop in a large part of the northern Holy Land.I was very grateful to receive a letter recently.He thanked donors and said "Your idea of walking from Galilee to Jerusalem is a great one...We heartily support your initiative and would very much like to keep in touch".

My intention is to try and 'visit with the people' not so much to see Churches & other buildings.I have seen the massive economic benefits walking pilgrims bring to Northern Spain on the Way of St James.More & more hotels & restaurants are being built all the time.The Walks' popularity has only occurred in the 1980's.
Many,probably most 'pilgrims' on the Way of St James in Spain didn't have a religious bone in their bodies.It's just a great walk.
There is no reason this cannot be replicated in Israel & Palestinian Territories.

Maoz Inon an Israeli friend runs the fantastic Fauzi Azar Inn,Old City Nazareth - an all Arab Town.He has Jewish,Christian & Muslim volunteers helping him.Maoz takes visitors on a JESUS TRAIL around the Sea of Galilee.He like me believes not in Peace THEN tourism but Peace THROUGH Tourism.

Why not a JESUS WAY on the route I mentioned?It benefits everyone & harms no one.The Pilgrim dollars would be a trickle at first but could become a flood.There are now cheap flights from UK to Tel Aviv.A couple of hours bus ride and you're at the Sea of Galilee.It's around 200km from there to Jerusalem.Ten days walk at a fairly leisurly pace.

I for one will try my best to 'visit with' people of all backgrounds on the JESUS WAY in 2009.


Thursday, 4 September 2008

El Patio - best Pension in Santiago

any Pilgrim looking for a place to stay in Santiago de Compostela need look no further than 5 minutes walk from the Cathedral at Patio de Madres, 981 592 712.The place has character rather than an anti-septic feel.It's real Espana,not tourist Spain.

If you like food you will enjoy the meals that comes out of Luz's cocina.I would never have dreamed of ordering cod at a restaurant at home.Having had 3 of Luz's meals by then it wasn't a risk.Absolutly fabulous - the humble cod!

When looking for presents & great service in Santiago the shop to visit is Iberico Bazar,Rua Nova,48.