Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Ana joins us

This was the day I anticipated most difficulty and so it proved.
Once again I was finding places on the previous year's route.
The first part was a gentle and enjoyable stroll through a ravine.
The climb over rocky hills was much better this time - maybe because my load is so light.
However,the tracks ran out and we had to scramble up and down ravines - that was hard work.
We met a much travelled polyglot in Deir Jerir (apologies for mispelling)who gave us refreshments.
Jan thought he had found himself a 'liberal' man.The women's heads were uncovered but when he addressed a young woman she waved her finger and pointed to her father and conversation went thru him.A few hundred yards down the road and there were women on the street- by then it actually felt a little 'different'!!
In Taybeh we met Ana who had travelled from Galilee to join the walk.
Nothing to do so we told stories...
Jan & Ana tried to sleep on the roof.Jan returned to the room frozen around 3am

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