Thursday, 4 March 2010

Arrived in the Holy Land

Flights all went well.Interviewed by Security at Tel Aviv.After concluding I was a harmless lunatic they let me go.
Long wait for Service Taxi.Arrived Petra Hostel,Old City,Jerusalem 3.30am.
Big mistake - no sleep due to road works right outside(also got no 'hair straighteners',Matthew)
After visiting the Holy Sepulchre went for coffee.Taken to SIM card shop and sorted.
I've had contacts already.Bumped into Ibrahim from Mt of Olives.
Took Service Taxi to Ramallah after receiving call from Shadi i met thru EnglishPAL ( a great organisation).
He has invited me to join some Volunteers on Community work near Nablus (City of Matyrs!-so they tell me).
Looks like I'm ahead of schedule.

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