Saturday, 6 March 2010

A Day in Jenin

I was accompanied by Tamin's nephew to Jenin.Bag dropped at Cinema Guest House.
Thanks go to Sister Muna at Latin Church for struggling thru her third language - hopefully sorting me some accommodation once the Walk starts when I return to Jalame Crossing.
Once again many thanks to EnglishPAL for another contact which has come good.
A day spent in coffee houses,smoking shisha (not bad!),playing cards and enjoying street cuisine.
The lads took me by taxi to the "3rd or 4th oldest Church in the Holy Land" in Berqin (0224692/0707072)about 5km West of Jenin where Jesus cured the ten lepers.
Particular thanks to Nafe,Khalid & Mohammed.


shado said...

great, i see you're had some fun in Jenin :)

Mohammad said...

im mohammad
i met you in selat adaher
so have fan
and if you need any help jest call me ok

Mohammad said...

see you man