Friday, 5 March 2010

A Day Volunteering

Shadi was one of the organisers of 50 young people from Ramallah -including about half a dozen Internationals.We went to the village of Qarawat Bani Hassan which is in danger from nearby Settlers.I am told they claim 'unused' land.Apparently,first using a bulldozer to fill in a fresh water spring,destroy a road and olive grove walls.So the volunteers using one wheelbarrow,one sledge hammer and their bare hands repaired the road and walls to thwart a 'legal' attempt to take over the land.
Due to my bad back I carried paper cups and took photo's.
Afterwards I was dropped off at Zatara checkpoint where a helpful Israeli soldier got me a Service Taxi to Nablus.
While waiting for the next taxi from Nablus to Jenin I met Tamin.
En-route he invited me to stay with his family in Silat adh Dhahr - 40 km SW of Jenin.
Nicely showered I await dinner...

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shado said...

it was a good day
see some photos of the day at FB