Monday, 15 March 2010

Great Hospitality - Christians of Muqebli

Saturday 13th.
After a nightmare world record snorer made me sleep in the lounge Jan and I walked the 25 km from Nazareth to Muqebli.A long hot day but carefully following our maps we were OK.Fr Marco met us at the Church.The Parishioners made us very welcome.We were greeted with handshakes by everyone and men and women were happy to talk to us.
I just managed to get thru Mass without falling asleep.Rarely have I been so tired.
Another rarity,Jan and I were a part of Fr Marco's sermon and got a round of applause.
We had good rooms & showers.Fr Marco and The Sisters were invited to dinner along with us.We couldn't eat all the food or drink all the tea,coffee,lemonade and wine.
We were given fruit for the journey next day.
Fr Marco would not take a penny - so another donation the BCGH.

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