Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The Green Goat & the Vicaress & me smelling like a goat

Arrived Green Goat,llania at about 4pm.
It is an Eco Farm.They make cheese from 14 goats.
Had stopped at Nebi Shueib ( I think the Tomb of Jethro - Moses' father in law).
Drank from the spring that Salah uh Din blocked to induce thirst in the Crusaders.
Had lunch with Druze gentlemen.English was thin but ginger candy was plentiful.
Then long climb to Horns of Hittim the sight of the defeat of the Thirsting Crusaders
Long hot walk through Galilee countryside.
Sally was the only other guest.
I had a shower and realised my second shirt had fallen off the back of my coat - so had to put the same one back on...
The evening ended with tea and buns with the Vicaress.

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