Thursday, 25 March 2010

House of Fun

Spent a lot of Wednesday hanging about the Offices of a Reconcilliation organisation.
Quite moving some of the stuff I've heard.
Had dinner with an interesting couple who run a self help website.
Had some of Weds and all of Thursday with the children & Sisters at Children of God Home,Bethlehem.
It looks like after a couple of technical hitches the initial $600 will reach them.
Sat in the Chapel within the house you can hear the laughter of the children and occasionally their crying.The Sisters seem always to be laughing aswell.
They clearly love 'their' (my word)children.
I've heard some mind boggling stories of the number of handicapped children in this part of the world.The Bethlehem Children of God Home is going to have a booming trade for the next generation at least.
Happily i have spoken to a couple of young women that are not going to make a traditional 'choice' of husband.
Today is the Feast of the Annunciation - Patronal Feast for the Sisters.
A couple of carloads of children (Christians only),Sisters & volunteers headed for Mass.It was followed by a party at the House.I was the only native English speaker.
Apart from me EVERYONE spoke at least THREE languages.
I was woken at 5am today so now its Marsalama from me.

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