Thursday, 11 March 2010

Long hot day

Good breakfast at the Green Goat.Attentive hosts.GG will be a good place to stay.
The Trail markers vanished about an hour out of llania.It took ages to find my way - good job I had a good map (in hebrew).
My GPS converted to the Israeli Grid is great for pinpointing my location.
Also the Co Founder of Jesus Trail has programmed it with various trail co-ordinates.
No surprise to any one I can't understand a damn thing.Might aswell be greek.
In Cana had to wait an hour for the Latin Church to open during lunch.
I did meet Tamer - thanks for information about Muqebli.
(I have telephoned your friend and he has given me the name of the Priest to get accommodation)
On arriving in Nazareth I asked Francis for directions -(thanks to you and your family for inviting me for a meal).
On arriving at Fauzi (thanks to Nukshi for the Tish Dish)
Apologies to all the above for my 'sulphuric' shirt.Sort of eau de vagrant...
I will buy another tomorrow.

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