Monday, 15 March 2010

Nearly 'killed' with Kindness

Sunday 14th
A big breakfast.Our bags packed and full of fruit from the night before.
Then we were given a small rucksack full of sandwiches and more fruit EACH!!
We just didn't know what to do!In the end we declined the actual rucksacks and took most of the food.We just had to start eating it to lighten the load.
Jan kindly took most because I didn't want to risk aggravating my back.
Jan also put the Matrix coat on his bag as we crossed the border as it had attracted too much Security attention previously.
I carried some of Jan's water to equalise weight.
We were refused Crossing on foot.It took two minutes to hitch a ride.They still delayed us for about 15 minutes.Once across our driver and friend couldn't understand our insistence on walking.
We finally made ourselves understood with showing the Crucifix and saying
Meshi Haj Yalla Al Quds.
Which very roughly means Christian Walking Pilgrimage going to Jerusalem.
From then on we made slowish progress due to the insistence on "coming to drink coffee" (I never thought that could become a burden - but happily bourne)and farmers handing us oranges and tomatoes along the way.We had to eat them instantly to keep the load down.
It would be an absolute piece of cake hitch-hiking on the West Bank.
We had been recommended a visit to the 4th oldest Church in the world.
St George's Orthodox Church in Burqin - about 3 hours South West of Jalame Crossing.
Again everyone really friendly.
The morning was thru field's ,afternoon mainly on asphalt.
We have a good room and plentiful food here in Zababdeh.

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