Monday, 8 March 2010

Kiss of Peace and Bible class...

A nice surprise - breakfast provided at Fauzi Azar Inn.
Fond greeting from Sureida - as lovely as ever.
Took the Old City Tour with one of the Volunteer Guides at FAI.
Interesting as they have 'discovered' some places they didn't show me last time.
Afterward acted as 'amateur' Guide to Doc,Jim & Michelle from America.
Fruit and vege lunch.
Fell asleep reading.
Just resigned myself to food from the supermarket when 3 of the Volunteer girls rang me to go to Bible class with them.Giving up a meal was not a good thought.
I went and was rewarded by a meal! and meeting an impressive bunch of young people.
They are all volunteering in one capacity or another in and around Nazareth.
Best of all a girl who wants to walk from Galilee to Jerusalem.
Even though our dates don't coincide I think I have found a 'doer' rather than a 'sayer'?

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Shadi Zatara said...

how are u doing? I hope you're doing well and everything is fine as well
when you will start your walk?