Monday, 15 March 2010


Fr Firas -who is an enthusiastic Melkite Priest -
has brought us to the Arab American University of Jenin (altho actually in Z)where Jan and I are making use of the Internet.
As we are both students of medicine & Islam respectively we are welcome...
It is like an oven in this room so I can't concentrate enough to do the Report I am part way thru for my lawyer friend from 'DC'.
Time for a walk round the Campus.
Back is holding up well.Exercise doing it good - as predicted by Doctor and Specialist.

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wearestillhere said...

Dear Paul
Great work,
The reports are short and we dont see photos.
Any way, tomorrow the 16th of March 2010 you are welcome to Al Faraa refugee camp and to my house and family. Please text me incase of no mobile coverage. We look forward to seeing you. Peace & Salama