Wednesday, 10 March 2010

First Day Walking - Tuesday 9th March

0545 hrs up.On Tiberius bus 0645.Grabbed some bread and nuts and got taxi to Capernaum.After visiting the Church and having breakfast set off 0845.
Managed to waste 1 hour going on wrong path more or less as I did last year.
When it came to the business end of the day I walked up the valley - Wadi Haman rather than try the cliffs.I drank 5 lires of water en-route.
Walking minus getting lost and lunch stop about 4 and half hours.Arrived 3pm.
As last year Israel & Sarah were great hosts.
I was provided with a 1 and half litre pitcher of fresh lemonade - and drank the lot.
As I was wringing wet a plunge into their pool was great.
Dined with a young American - yet another Christain volunteer.She is teaching English to Palestinian children.Great lamb casserole - a snip at 20 pounds...

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