Tuesday, 23 March 2010

No good turn goes unpunished...

Sunday 21st
We eventually made it into Jerusalem and found a Hostel
It was chosen to suit my student companions budget...
The 'features' in this establishment probably coincide with most people's imagination back home.I delayed a shower to the last possible moment - not relishing the cold water.But was pleasantly surprised to find it warmish.At any rate warmish enough to dislodge half a toenail suitably 'cooked' over the last 3 weeks in my walking/only footwear.
As 'bus ticket' moments are burnt into my soul (Egypt Museum circa 1980)I was adequately prepared for all 'occassions' but I have to say I found crucial necessities were provided.
Altho absolutely knackered I had made a fatal mistake in the evening.
Upon treating my fellow traveller to the Austrian Hospice apple strudle I had a double expresso long.This made sleep elusive - then from the room next door came very loud snoring.I read outside the room for a while but it was too cold.
I must have drifted off about 3am- then beeb,beeb,beeb we frantically went thru our phones to switch the alarm off.finally realising it was the snorers next door.His alarm was set for 'dawn prayer'.He didn't turn it off!
Then on top of beeb,beeb was ring,ring,ring and he still didn't turn it off.
Forgetting all the rules of this land I went virtually naked and pounded on his door.
Not a sausage!!beeb,beeb and ring,ring for another aeon of time.Finally it stopped.
The bliss was interupted by the most horrific throat clearing imaginable...

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