Friday, 12 March 2010

A stroll around El Nazra

After a 'cut throat' razor shave had a pleasant stroll around El Nazra.
Managed to buy a new shirt.Coffee with old friend Martina at Cactus House.
My idyll of a five bed room to myself at 'mates rates' has come to a shuddering halt with two aussie couples.I have explained the house rule of no snoring.
Contacts have come good and got next 3 nights accommodation sorted for my soon to be travelling companion Jan and I.
Shukran to Sister Muna (Jenin)and Tamer (Cana).
After tomorrow's 25km walk on asphalt and potentially the next day 18km on asphalt we may have got the following 2 days Guided thru the countryside.
Now awaiting the Volunteers at Fauzi to be ready - they are taking me to smoke sheesha from 10pm onwards.I'm told I'm 'half a volunteer'.
I forsee getting going tomorrow being horrific.
In the midst of all this I am trying to write a report for a Washington lawyer.
The delay is my 'techno numptiness'.

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strawberryjude said...

Following you journey quite closely from start need a map to see where you are. How's the back?Blessings Judyx