Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Stiff as a board

The one eyed mangy cat rumaging thru a waste bin was the last sight of the hostel as
we went out for a 3 hour Tour of the Old City - which wasn't that good.
I learned next to nothing new.
In the afternoon Jan & Ana went to Masada and I caught the bus to Bethlehem.
(Got to say Jan was a great travelling companion - El Nazra to Al Quds.Good luck with the Medicine Degree - hope you get to Africa.Ana thanks for the company and your 'secret' is safe with us - Oh and keep smiling!)
Werner's contact in Bethlehem came good - thanks
I'm now ensconced in a Guest room above the Holyland Christian Ecumenical Foundation.
On being given a brief drive round Bethlehem I met Victor (Rony's Dad).I was soon dining with Rony & Carol.I did manage to get lost going the 400 yards back to HCEF
(I always say getting thru Towns/Villages is far harder than finding them in the first place).
My one and only pair of trousres have done sterling service for 3 weeks but are as stiff as a board so I have taken the risk of washing them and hoping they will be dry in the morning...

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