Tuesday, 23 March 2010

The Girls of St ...Joseph's.

Monday 22nd
The three of us - Jan,Ana and myself went to Jericho to walk up Wadi Qelt.
We got up the Mount of Temptation whereupon we could get no answer at the door.
The girls of St Joseph School,Bethlehem were also visiting and tried a bit of singing to get Abouna to open the door - no luck.Jan had the girls swooning "great jump" as he climbed over a high fence to explore some lunatic idea of us going over a cliff edge - we didn't.
It turned out Georgette is a Volunteer at the Bethlehem Chidren of God Home that the money is being raised for.The girls and their teacher also know "Our Rony" Tabash.
We never did get up Wadi Qelt and returned to Jerusalem.
After catching up on a bit of sleep we met one of Ana's friends in West Jerusalem for an iffy Ethiopian meal.Later Belgium waffles were much better.
After a mad dash back to the Old City we ducked under the Midnight Portcullis.
We had insisted on a new room as we did not want a repeat performance at dawn.
Tired as I was I could not help noticing the bed linen was rather 'interesting'.
The Matrix coat doubled as a 'ground sheet'...yep it was that good.
But I slept.

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